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What Is ClareNet

Clare Security dealers have access to ClareNet, an encrypted backend security highway that connects a home with the central monitoring station through the Clare Cloud. There are many important features available with ClareNet. In today's blog, we'll be covering everything dealers need to know about ClareNet, and how to add Clare Security to your portfolio.

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Top 5 Dealer FAQ

We are back with 5 more frequently asked questions. Want to know if your existing product lines will work with Clare? Or what partner and training programs we offer? Here's everything you need to know about getting involved with Clare.



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Clare Tech Tuesday: Q&A with Jerry

In this weeks Tech Tuesday, Jerry is answering your most frequently asked questions.

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6 Tips To Ensure Your Next Z-Wave Install Is Successful

Z-Wave is one of the most reliable and stable wireless device communication protocols available on market. Like anything wireless, if not setup correctly, it can be a hassle. Today, we take a detailed look at how Z-Wave works, common reasons why Z-Wave networks crash or lag, and what you can do to improve future installations.


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Clare Tech Tuesday: Clare Builder Program Overview

In this weeks Tech Tuesday, Jerry gives us a run-down of the Clare Builder Program, what builders can expect, and what resources are available. 

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Looking For A Reliable Camera Solution?

There are many professional video monitoring solutions available. Are you confident in the camera line you currently support? ClareVision Plus is Clare's cost-effective and comprehensive line of security cameras, NVRs, video doorbell, and more! Come check it out!

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Top 6 Clare Tips & Tricks For Dealers

Clare has a lot of advanced features that you might not know about. We've gathered 6 of the most popular Tips & Tricks that every dealer should know, as well as resources to help you learn more! Here, we cover Z-Wave networks, Fusion, Clare Video Doorbell and even Proper Home Networking! Be sure to read on.


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Advanced Online Training Now Available

Clare Advanced Online Training
Clare now offers Advanced Online Training Modules to everyone who has complete Clare Essentials training.

Are you a current dealer looking to further expand your knowledge of Clare? Or simply checking into Clare as a smart home & security solution? Clare now offers 2 levels of certified online training for free, to everyone.

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ClareVision Plus App & App Guide

Looking for a breakdown on the ClareVision Plus App? Our friendly App Guide gives users a more clear understanding of the various App features and settings. Read on to learn more about the ClareVision Plus App and our App Guide.


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Clare Tech Tuesday: Advanced Online Training

We are releasing our Advanced Online Training Modules. The Clare Advanced series is intended for technicians or programmers who will be configuring and/or troubleshooting more advanced projects that include, IR, Serial, IP, contact closures, and other entertainment devices. The advanced videos focus on Fusion navigation, Clare Host Controller differences, devices and services, scenes, rules, and troubleshooting.

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