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Smart home automation is on the rise and is expected to be over a $60 billion industry by 2024! Homeowners are now asking for home technology. Let the Clare Builder Program introduce technology into all of your home developments today.


The Right Product

Clare has partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry to integrate their smart
versions of door locks, thermostats, lighting, security, and more to create a robust smart home solution.
• ClareHome is available for iOS and Android devices
• Monitor and control your home from anywhere
• Create one-touch scenes, schedules, notifications, and automations
• Works with over 1,800 different products
• Homeowners can add to their systems themselves
• ClareCare – factory homeowner support
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The Right Tools and Program


Set yourself apart and make sure your customers keep technology in the forefront of their minds as they navigate the critical stages of personalizing their homes.
The Clare and Simple Builder Program includes everything you need to guarantee success, distinguish your homes from your competition, and delight your customers with a minimal investment.

• Selling low voltage options is as easy as selling any other options
• Focus on simplicity and lifestyle, not technology
• Marketing videos and content
• Design center training and sales collateral
• Help your team successfully sell and market to your clients
• Promotes post-occupancy satisfaction
• Supports your internal process 

Are You Eligible?

Fill out the form and a Clare representative will get in touch with you to review basic eligibility requirements: