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Clare Tech Tuesday: ClareHome Security Touchpanel

Clare is proud to announce the release of our ClareHome Security Touchpanel! Let's tune in with Jerry as he gives is a live preview of the Touchpanel in action and covers the key features and specifications of the device.

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Clare Tech Tuesday: Hacks

In today's Tech Tuesday, Jerry takes at a couple controller tips, tricks, and hacks you didn't know that will make your next installation visit faster and easier. Let's tune in!

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Clare Security Offering & Programs

Is your business looking for an additional source of revenue? There is a huge opportunity in offering professional security monitoring through Clare. Businesses like electricians, locksmiths, or even existing custom CEDIA-style installers can tap into recurring monthly revenue through security installations. In this blog, we'll show you how your business can start taking advantage of this huge opportunity.

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