Manage all your ClareOne Smart Home and Security Features from the ClareHome App

Meet the new ClareHome app that controls your Clare smart home and smart security system. This new update brings three key advantages:

  • Contemporary new design – efficient use of space to speed control
  • Enhanced organization – for a more intuitive experience
  • Enhanced security – easily control access to your system

New Design

The first thing you will notice is the entirely new look of the ClareHome app. The round buttons on the old ClareHome have been replaced by square tiles that enhance control of your system. Not only is the new design more contemporary, but it places more information about the operation of your home right on your home screen – now called the “favorites” screen. This will also pave the way for dashboard widgets that will give you more control directly control from home screen.

Enhanced Organization

Hand-in-hand with the new look is new streamlined organization, simplifying control of your system. The pull-down menu on the upper left is now replaced by persistent menu selections at the bottom of each ClareHome screen. All interaction is now grouped under one of five menu icons: Favorites, Devices, Activity, Actions, and More



Elevated Security

Selecting “More” enables control of user access to your Clare system(s). ClareHome puts the primary user of each system in full control of assigning who gets access as a user. Unlike some other security systems, your dealer cannot add other users to your system. Only you can do this, safely and securely.




This is the new name for your home page, enabling the instant control mentioned earlier.



This icon opens the Devices page from which you can control what is attached to your Clare system, assign it to an area and enable its tile on the home page.



This icon opens the Activity page to display recent Access and Security activity. Activity can now be sorted by Access, Security or both, and can be narrowed by a date range.



This icon opens the Actions screen where you manage your automations and scenes. And we’ve made scenes, schedules and notifications easier to use.



The More icon lets you toggle between locations, if you have more than one, and displays your Infostream – where we will post handy information to help you with your system.

We are excited to announce the new ClareHome app, and are confident it will improve your interaction with your home’s technology.
The new app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you would like to learn more, please view our complete ClareHome App Guide Here.