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Reduce Acquisition Costs

Through its proven builder marketing program, Clare can directly assist dealers with sales and marketing programs that provide the builder with an answer to the burgeoning demand for smart home features in new homes. New home builders invest in, and market those features as part of the base house, thereby reducing customer acquisition costs for our dealers.

Full-featured Home Automation for Everyone

Completely unique to Clare, the Clare Smart and Secure System can be scaled from entry level to full-featured automation solutions allowing dealers to maximize revenue on every sale while reducing training and support costs.


Customer Retention

Customer retention is enhanced by the tight integration between the home automation services and security services, the award-winning user experience, continuous feature updates, and 6 day/week ClareCare customer service. Further, Clare Smart and Secure Systems are tied to dealers via the Clare Cloud and cannot be taken over. 


Dealer Efficiency

Further increase your efficiencies by using the Clare Cloud Ecosystem. Dealers can reduce unwanted truck rolls by capitalizing on remote programming and service, automatic system updates, and helpful marketing tools. Clare’s Cloud features integrated lead generation for the dealer as new products and services become available. 

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Clare Controls products and services are sold throughout a network of authorized, trained dealers. Products can be purchased directly from Clare or through a local Distributor in your area.

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