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Succeeding At Your Next Install: Home Networks & Z-Wave

Today, we're looking at the common issues dealers face in the field when working with home networks and Z-Wave, and what keeps their projects from succeeding.

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Clare Tech Tuesday: Understanding Z-Wave

In this week's Tech Tuesday, we're looking at some of the Z-Wave issues technicians experience out in the field, and the common solutions for them.

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6 Tips To Ensure Your Next Z-Wave Install Is Successful

Z-Wave is one of the most reliable and stable wireless device communication protocols available on market. Like anything wireless, if not setup correctly, it can be a hassle. Today, we take a detailed look at how Z-Wave works, common reasons why Z-Wave networks crash or lag, and what you can do to improve future installations.


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Top 6 Clare Tips & Tricks For Dealers

Clare has a lot of advanced features that you might not know about. We've gathered 6 of the most popular Tips & Tricks that every dealer should know, as well as resources to help you learn more! Here, we cover Z-Wave networks, Fusion, Clare Video Doorbell and even Proper Home Networking! Be sure to read on.


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Avoid These Common Smart Home Mishaps

Troubeshooting a system or diagnosing a network issue can be frustrating. It is always best to "do it right the first time - every time". We've identified the most common installation issues, setup problems, and difficulties installers experience when on the job.


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