Simply put, Clare Controls is one App that controls all smart home devices installed in the home.

Clare’s smart home App is free to download from the App Store or Google Play. Try it out today!

Clare makes it easy to control your security system, lighting, cameras, door locks, garage doors, whole-home music, shades, and more!

Absolutely! Being able to check in and change the status of devices in your home is one of the coolest and most beneficial things you can do with your smart home system. You can even receive notifications on your smartphone or apple watch if something happens at home.

ClareHome is as easy to use, and as personal as your smartphone or tablet. You’ll master the App in minutes.

Not anymore. Clare has redefined nearly every aspect of the home automation experience to scale the product’s size and price without compromising its benefits.

Clare is a “freemium” product. You can enjoy all of the benefits of your smart home system with no monthly fees. Professionally monitored security is available for an additional monthly cost.

Clare has implemented industry-leading measures to assure the utmost security for homeowners automation systems.

Clare is sold through a network of professional installers or through local and national home builders. Your new smart and secure home starts with an in-home control hub that allows connected devices to be paired into the system. Many smart home products are installed as new homes are being built, but additional products can be added after move in.

Clare makes it simple to not only customize the App to suit your family’s needs, but also makes it easy to expand your system. Clare’s continuously adding products and features that can be included in your home to increase your enjoyment, safety, and comfort.

Absolutely! Clare works with Amazon Alexa to control lights, locks, thermostats, and smart home scenes.

Not at all. Clare releases automatic updates to all systems a few times a year that include new features and new product support.

Scenes combine several actions into a single button press. Automatically lock the door, arm the security, turn o all lights, and adjust the thermostat at bedtime with the tap of a button!

An automation is an if/then sequence. If the front door opens, then turn on the entry light. Automations can be used with almost any smart home device.

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