Set a schedule for your thermostat and reduce your HVAC usage


Create an automation to automatically dim lamps or turn on your carriage lights

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Use the power of Clare to save energy based on sunrise/sunset schedules



Start saving money on your utility bills now!

Smart devices from Clare can help to lower costs associated with frequently used items in your home. From thermostats to lighting, Clare can help you easily reduce your overall home consumption. Combine a schedule on your smart thermostat with a scene that turns off all lights for bedtime and experience the savings automatically.
  • Schedule your smart thermostat to adjust the temperature in your home
  • Create a scene to adjust the lighting and put the shades down when its too hot outside
  • Easily turn off or dim lights at a certain time or when not in use
  • Set a schedule for outdoor lighting to turn on/off based on sunrise or sunset
  • Use the power of your voice and Alexa to turn off lights or adjust your thermostat

Remain comfortable and save energy with ClareHome.

Clare Energy Efficient Products




Forget to turn up your thermostat or turn off the lights? Don’t let these repetitive, daily tasks interfere with your day or your savings. With Clare, it’s easy to reduce your overall footprint and save money on your energy bills.

  • Reduce costs by setting a 7-day schedule for your thermostat
  • Easily dim lights when full brightness is not needed
  • Use the ClareHome App to create schedules and scenes for commonly used items
  • Full range of thermostats work to increase savings for you
  • Smart lighting creates the perfect ambiance while reducing consumption
  • Clare works with a broad range of smart home shades to reduce HVAC costs

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