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Understanding Clare Part Numbers

Dealer News - Clare Part Number StructureDid you know that each Clare product part number has a meaning? Today, we're breaking down the part number structure for our ClareVision Plus, ClareVue Lighting, Clare Stream and Clare Media product lines.



Looking for a reliable camera solution? Take a look at our ClareVision Plus camera line!

ClareVision Plus
The ClareVision Plus product line has the most unique and informative part number structure. Here's an example of one of our popular cameras, the ClareVision Plus 2MP Turret Camera.

CVP Camera SKU Breakdown

  • Product Line - ClareVision Plus, ClareVue, ClareStreams, etc.
  • Series - Determines the series; (B)udget, (M)ainline, (P)roline
  • MP - The cameras megapixel size, 2MP, 4MP, etc.
  • Form Factor - (T)urret, (B)ullet, (D)ome, (C)ube, (D)oor(B)ell, (P)an(T)ilt, etc.
  • Revision - Internal series number
  • Unique Specs - ODI/IDI (Outdoor/Indoor Illuminated), W (Wireless)

Here we can see the ClareVision Plus 32-Channel NVR.

CVP NVR SKU Breakdown

  • Channels - Displays the number of camera channels available
  • PoE Ports - Here you can see how many of those channels include PoE support
  • Included HDD - The total TB size of the included on-board Hard Disk Drive.

ClareVue Lighting
ClareVue Lighting follows a similar structure with varying values.

ClareVue Lighting MNS SKU BreakdownClareVue Lighting ANS SKU BreakdownClareVue Lighting APS SKU Breakdown


  • Style - This is the form factor and function of the light controller. Combinations include:
    • MN/AN - (Master Neutral/Accessory Neutral), S/D - (Switch/Dimmer) 
    • APS - (Appliance Switch), LDM (Lamp Dimmer Module)
    • TRR - (Tamper Resistant Receptacle)
    • 5KP - (5-Scene Keypad)
  • Color - There are two possible color variations: (W)hite & (L)ight (A)lmond

Media Distribution & Amplifiers
Media Distribution and Amplifier part numbers also hold unique values.

ClareMedia BaseT SKU BreakdownClareStream AMP SKU Breakdown

  • Function - If the unit transmits/receives a digital signal
  • Range - Common range includes 70M and 100M
  • Channels - First digit displays the number of possible audio input channels
  • Wattage - The number of watts available for each channel.

Any products that are not manufactured by Clare Controls directly will usually use a part number supplied by the original manufacturer.

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