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A Simple Strategy To Working With Production Home Builders

Dealer News - Homebuilder StrategyDealers who are looking to take smart home technology to a new home builder may find themselves a little overwhelmed. Like all business decisions, working with production builders takes developing a strategic plan. In this blog, we outline 4 steps dealers can follow to get their foot in the door.

Getting started is simple, we've gathered these 4 steps to help you along the way.

1.) Analyze your local market and determine where new home construction is happening. You will need to be aware of pricing of the homes, home size, community size, and location of the homes. To gain insight into these topics, we suggest you watch your local news, research local builders, view online magazine articles, and even follow these organizations on Facebook to gain additional knowledge into your market.

2.) After determining where new home construction is happening, understand which builders are building new homes in that area. Determine which builders align with the areas you are targeting. NOTE: new home construction often happens near the outskirts of a city, or in up-in-coming rural areas.

3.) Next, research to find out who is in charge of the local purchasing for your target builders. Most purchasing managers can be found and contacted through LinkedIn or from the builders website.

4.) Send an email introducing your self (follow up with a phone call or treats), and the value that you bring to the table. Clare's builder program is a full-featured PROGRAM, not a series of smart home products. Remember: you are providing a comprehensive business solution to the builder that gives them a marketing and sales advantage over other competitive builders.

It's important you understand the value of the smart home solution. Builders are seeing the market trends, and understand that home buyers are showing more interest in smart home technology. This is incredible leverage when pitching a smart home solution like Clare, as our platform is user friendly, affordable, can be controlled with one App, and works with a huge selection of popular smart home devices and products that builders are already using.

Want to learn more about the smart home and security market.
Check out our video presented by Clare CEO, Brett Price, on the future outlook of the industry. 

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