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Now Available: ClareOne 16-Zone Hardwired Input Module and Recessed Door/Window Sensor

You can now purchase the ClareOne 16-Zone Hardwired Input Module and Recessed Door/Window Sensor from the SnapAV Store!


ClareOne 16-Zone Wired to Wireless Takeover Module Interior

ClareOne 16-Zone Hardwired Input Module

The ClareOne 16-Zone Hardwired Zone Input Module enables existing wired security sensors to communicate with the ClareOne Panel. The module is universal and can be used with most existing or new hardwired zones.

  • Universal take-over of most existing sensors
  • Hardwired zone support up to 16-zones
  • Supports battery backup
  • Supports magnetic contacts and powered devices such as motion and glass break sensors

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ClareOne Recessed Door Window Sensor

ClareOne Recessed Door/Window Sensor

This magnetic sensor was designed to fit seamlessly inside a door frame or windowsill and is resistant to magnetic tamper and defeat. A high–powered Microchip delivers exceptional range -no "dead spots" or signal drop-offs.

  • Fully recessed form factor
  • Superior RF performance
  • Reduced energy draw
  • Encrypted technology


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