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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Honeywell TCC Thermostats

Honeywell TCC thermostats may appear offline and non-functional until homeowners accept the new End User Licence Agreement in their Honeywell account.


A recent End User License Agreement (EULA) change released by Honeywell is causing Honeywell Total Connect Comfort (TCC) thermostats to be forced offline and non-functional within the ClareHome App.


The user must access their Honeywell TCC account and accept the new EULA.


  1. Navigate to the Honeywell TCC Website:

  2. Log into the account associated with the TCC thermostat.
    NOTE: The new EULA is displayed once the user logs in.

  3. Read the agreement, select the checkbox, and then tap Accept.

  4. The thermostat will now be operational and appear in the correct state in the ClareHome App.
    NOTE: If the thermostat remains offline, further troubleshooting may be required.

Clare will be be posting the above information and solution to all homeowners via the ClareHome App Infostream.

Learn more about this notice by viewing the tech bulletin in the Help Center.

View Tech Bulletin

Contact our dealer technical support team if you require further assistance.

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