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November Recap: ClareVue Lighting

Earlier this month, we announced the release of our new line of ClareVue Lighting products, as well as support for lighting control devices from Dome, Aeotec, and GE. Let's take a look!

New ClareVue Lighting Products

Dealers can purchase the new ClareVue Lighting products from the dealer store. The new product lineup includes a new light switch, dimmer, accessory add-on switch for switches and dimmers, power receptacle, and a new plug-in module.


The Clare smart home now supports new lighting options from Dome, Aeotec, and GE that can be easily added using the Install Assist or ClareHome App! Download the full release notes at the bottom.

  • 14299 - 1,000W Paddle Dimmer
  • 26931 - In-Wall Smart Motion Switch
  • 26933 - In-Wall Smart Motion Dimmer
  • 14288 - In-Wall Tamper Resistant Outlet
  • 14292 - In-Wall Smart Toggle Switch
  • 14295 - In-Wall Smart Toggle Dimmer
  • 14284 - Plug-In Outdoor Smart Switch
  • 14291 - In-Wall Smart Paddle Switch
  • 14294 - In-Wall Smart Paddle Dimmer
  • 28169 - Plug-In Smart Switch w/ Grounded Outlet
  • 14282 - Plug-In Smart Dimmer with Dual Outlet
  • 28177 - Plug-In Smart Switch 

   GE Release Notes   Dome Release Notes   Aeotec Release Notes   


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