FusionPro News and Updates

01/14/2022: Auxiliary Touchpanel Update: Now Available

01/10/20220 - Grow Your Business with ClareVision - Attend our Webinar to learn how!

01/04/2022: Clare Winter Update: Now Available

12/20/2021: Important Notice Regarding The Java Vulnerability Exploit

12/16/2021 - Chamberlain MyQ Scheduled Maintenance

10/07/2021: Clare Autumn Update: Now Available!

10/01/2021: ClareVision October Camera Firmware: Now Available

09/16/2021: New ClareVision NVR Firmware: Now Available

07/20/2021: FusionPro July Update

06/25/2021: ClareOne Update

06/23/2021: ClareVision June Update Now Available

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Summer 2021 Update - Everything You Need to Know

ClareVision Value and Performance Series of Cameras and NVRs

03/03/2021 - Important Notice Regarding Video Doorbell Image Snapshots in ClareOne

03/02/2021 - Luxury Resort Community in Las Vegas Adds Security & Control to Each Unit

12/14/2020: FusionPro v1.1.5 Now Available

11/24/2020: What's New: Set of New drivers, Feature Updates, and Bug Resolutions

11/24/2020: Our Office Will be Closing Early on Wednesday for Thanksgiving

10/30/2020 | Important Notice: Chamberlain MyQ Software Update Beginning 11/02/2020

Now Available: ClareOne 16-Zone Hardwired Input Module and Recessed Door/Window Sensor

Coming Soon: ClareOne 16-Zone Hardwired Input Module

10/08/2020: ClareHome and ClareOne V9.1.0 Update Release Notes

09/22/2020: New FusionPro V1.1.1 Update Release Notes

New ClareHome App Now Available!

Meet the New ClareHome App