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01/26/2024: ClareVision Smart Video Doorbell Is Now Available!

The ClareVision Smart Video Doorbell is now available at Snap One! Come see what all the excitement is about!

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01/26/2024: ClareVision App Update v2.1.8 (iOS) and 2.1.5 (Android)

A new ClareVision App update for iOS and Android is available to support the release of the ClareVision Smart Video Doorbell. This update includes several important features and functions for the video doorbell. The complete release notes can be found below.

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Topics: firmware important notice release notes

01/12/2024: ClareOne Auxiliary Touchpanel v7.7.6 Software Update Release Notes

A new software update is now available for the ClareOne Auxiliary Touchpanel. This update introduces video doorbell support for the new ClareVision Smart Video Doorbell and Google Nest Video Doorbell integration which was released previously. Additionally, this update includes several important bug fixes and performance optimizations. Please see the full release notes below.

Topics: firmware important notice release notes