FusionPro News and Updates

03/06/2023: ClareOne Software Update

A new update has been released for ClareOne. Please see the full release notes here.

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02/10/2023: ClareOne Software Update

We have recently released a minor software update for all ClareOne systems. This update is designed to lay the groundwork for future software features, as well as preparing for the release of Luma Surveillance X20 series of cameras and NVRs to be used with ClareOne.

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12/01/2022: ClareOne Auxiliary Touchpanel December 2022 Release Notes

An important update for the ClareOne Auxiliary Touchpanel (CLR-C1-ATP) has been released which introduces several highly-requested features! This includes the ability to turn off screen auto wake, emulating zone annunciations similarly to the ClareOne panel, annunciation scheduling, updates to the user interface to match the ClareHome app, and more.

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08/26/2022: ClareOne Panel Control4 Driver v1.5.7 Release Notes

A new ClareOne driver has been released for Control4 systems. View the complete change log in the release notes.

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08/15/2022: ClareVision App Update

We have released the next generation version of the ClareVision app available for download by all end users. The app can be downloaded through the app store for both iOS and Android devices. The new app introduces several important new features, bug fixes, optimizations and performance improvements, and lays the groundwork for upcoming Clare products. Let's look at what's new.

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08/10/2022: Snap One Acquires Clare Controls, Ensuring Partners Have Smart Home and Security Solutions for Every Project

Building on the success of its existing distribution agreement, Snap One has acquired Clare Controls, maker of the ClareOne smart home and security system.

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07/21/2022: ClareVision NVR Firmware

New firmware has been released for ClareVision NVRs in preparation for the release of our next generation ClareVision App. The new firmware adds native OvrC support, Control4 SDDP support, performance improvements and bug fixes, and support for upcoming features in the next weeks release of the new ClareVision app for ClareVision NVRs.

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07/11/2022: ClareOne Panel Hotfix

We have released a hotfix update for the ClareOne Panel to resolve a couple issues experienced by some users. The release notes can be found below.

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07/01/2022: Clare Summer Update Release Notes

A new update has been made available for the ClareHome app, ClareOne, and FusionPro as part of our continued expansion of the ClareOne platform.

This update packs several new requested features and improvements, including a new dealer branded activation page, SONOS and HEOS speaker controls on the ClareOne Panel, exclusive SONOS speaker usage as a siren, updated UI color scheme, new lighting control tiles for all lights, new drivers, and much more.

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06/20/2022: Control4 V7 Drivers for ClareVision Cameras and NVRs

A new driver is available for Control4 systems that use ClareVision Cameras and/or ClareVision NVR's. You can view a brief summary of the release notes below or download the complete technical documentation from the link below. This driver replaces the existing separate ClareVision camera and NVR drivers.

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