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ClareVision Plus: Full Line of Cameras and NVRs

Our ClareVision Plus product line gives you a wide-assortment of camera types to fit your needs. From fixed lens to varifocal, we offer cameras that can withstand the weather outside, or cameras that are perfect for indoor use. Access crystal clear HD 1080p live and recorded video footage with no monthly fees. Our NVRs and SD cards provide a full range of recording options and configurations.

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Announcing the Clare Video Doorbell Kits

Every project is unique and carries its own challenges. The most common challenge experienced by Video Doorbell installers is a weak Wi-Fi signal near the install location. The second issue, less common than Wi-Fi, is a transformer that could be weak or defective. To assist our installers in the field, we are releasing Video Doorbell kits to ensure every installer saves time and avoids additional truck rolls. 

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