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Security & Smart Home

Join Clare CEO, Brett Price, as he breaks down the value of security and smart home in today's market. Ever wonder what security means to your average homeowner? There is a strong demand for the virtual presence in the home, Clare provides a single, one-app platform that offers smart home and security.

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Walking Through The ClareHome App

In our latest video, Kristopher Sherman breaks down everything you need to know about the ClareHome App. From creating custom spaces for Mom and Dad, to adding devices, scenes, schedules, notifications, and automations. 

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The Clare Story

The Clare vision has always been about bringing an affordable, all-inclusive smart home package to every family.

Clare is a leading smart home provider that has spearheaded total smart home device compatibility. We want to give our homeowners, dealers, and distributor partners a platform that unlocks many options, giving them total creative control over their projects. 

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Why Clare Training?

New to Clare? Our in-depth training programs cover every aspect of Clare Controls. We supply your business, sales staff, technicians, and staff with tools, resources, and knowledge to help them succeed in the crowded smart home industry.

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