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Dealer Spotlight: AV Works Inc., Alberta CA

This week's dealer spotlight is all about AV Works Inc. An award-winning, full service, custom electronics, home automation, and design integration company located in Alberta, Canada.

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ClareHome Safeguards Against Hacking

The modern home is always connected to the internet. From smart TV’s, gaming consoles, cameras, computers, mobile phones and your smart home. Regardless if you are home or not, your home is always under threat by cybercriminals.

Security is a top priority at Clare, and there are many software and hardware features in place to protect your home and identity. While we cannot cover every security and technological detail that is keeping your home and system safe, we would like to give you a brief overview.

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Dealer Spotlight: HomePro Inc, Texas

HomePro Inc., Clare’s largest authorized dealer, is the premier provider of home security, entertainment, and control systems in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and Austin, Texas areas.

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Dealer Spotlight: C&B Security, Texas

Clare Controls is proud to have C&B Security as one of our valued authorized dealers. C&B, which operates mostly in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas metroplex, has a wide range of specialties. With over one hundred employees, and divisions specializing in A/V, security, and electrical, they are a one-stop solution for residential builders and home owners.

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Dealer Spotlight: IES Residential

Clare Controls is proud to have IES Residential as one of our valued authorized dealers. IES is one of the nation’s largest new home construction electrical contractors, with offices spanning six states. IES Dallas and IES North Houston offices our now offering smart home installation to many of their top customers.

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ClareVision Plus: Full Line of Cameras and NVRs

Our ClareVision Plus product line gives you a wide-assortment of camera types to fit your needs. From fixed lens to varifocal, we offer cameras that can withstand the weather outside, or cameras that are perfect for indoor use. Access crystal clear HD 1080p live and recorded video footage with no monthly fees. Our NVRs and SD cards provide a full range of recording options and configurations.

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4 Ways to Increase Your Home Value with Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation is a great way to increase the value of a home. Many homebuyers today look for smart, automated home options when considering purchasing a new home. Smart home features not only makes living more simple and convenient, but also increases the resale value of your home.


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The Clare Builder Program

Introducing the Clare and Simple Builder Program
Homeowners are asking for smart home technology. Do you know how to provide them with a robust solution while differentiating your homes and earning a profit?

Why invest in security pre-wire when you can offer a full-featured, smart home at nearly the same cost? Clare’s Builder Program offers a complete business solution to help builders with a low cost of entry, scalable system with high customer value impact. Our network of authorized dealers is ready to partner with new builders to provide and install the right products for your market.

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Announcing the Clare Video Doorbell Kits

Every project is unique and carries its own challenges. The most common challenge experienced by Video Doorbell installers is a weak Wi-Fi signal near the install location. The second issue, less common than Wi-Fi, is a transformer that could be weak or defective. To assist our installers in the field, we are releasing Video Doorbell kits to ensure every installer saves time and avoids additional truck rolls. 

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View Clare Distributors In Your Area

Finding your closest Clare distributor is now easier than ever with our new distributor locator map. Use the map to view your local distribution office address and contact information.

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