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ClareHome v6.0 Is Released!

Clare Controls releases ClareHome v6.0 - The future of Smart Home AutomationThe new ClareHome has been released! This is the first release in a series of future releases that will continue to improve upon the look and functionality of the ClareHome App.

It's not just the ClareHome App that got a touch-up. We have updated our Install Assist App with a few new features like Areas and a quick-access help menu. Areas allows installers to create different rooms and zones  in the house quickly without having to access Fusion. Be sure to update your Install Assist app to get access to the new features.

Another important part of this release is ClareHome can be downloaded on Android tablets. Make sure your tablet is updated with the latest version of Android available.

View The Full ClareHome v6.0 Release Notes: Click Here

Download our new App guides for ClareHome and Install Assist to learn more!
ClareHome App GuideInstall Assist App Guide

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Possible issues that can be experienced after updating to the new ClareHome App:

1. After updating the ClareHome App - some users are being logged out of their ClareHome account. In this case, simply log back in using your existing username and password. Please refer to bullet 2 for users who log in to ClareHome with an AOL email account.

2.a. AOL email services have made a change in their system. This change has interrupted the ClareHome ability to log in, create an account, or receive "send reset password" emails using AOL.

2.b. As a solution, we recommend all ClareHome users currently using or creating an account to avoid AOL, and use an alternate email provider/account to access their system. Users must be connected to their local Wi-Fi to access their ClareHome system using a new account.

We are actively working on resolving these issues, and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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