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Have You Tried Using Amazon Alexa With Clare?

ClareHome and Amazon Alexa Integration

This Holiday, be sure to try out the Amazon Alexa integration with your ClareHome system. Use voice control to change lights, locks, thermostats, or even launch a goodnight scene!



Learn more about using Amazon Alexa and ClareHome by visiting or by downloading our Alexa Guide here.

  • Tell Alexa to shut down the house for bedtime, or turn off lights
  • Alexa easily discovers smart home devices already installed
  • Setting up Alexa with ClareHome only takes a minute
  • Use your Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, Echo Show, or any device with Alexa embedded, such as the Ecobee 4 thermostat

Alexa + ClareHome is easy to setup and can be done in a few minutes. Watch the video below to learn more on the capabilities and setup of ClareHome and Alexa.




Learn more about ClareHome + Amazon Alexa here.

Download the ClareHome App Guide

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