ClareHome + Alexa supports voice control of connected lighting,
thermostats, locks, and smart home Scenes.

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Tell Alexa to shut down the house for bedtime or turn off the lights.
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Alexa easily discovers smart home devices already installed.
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Setting up Alexa with ClareHome only takes a few minutes.

Getting Started with Alexa and ClareHome

1-1.png  Add the Clare Controls skill in the Alexa App
2.png  Authorize ClareHome by logging into your ClareHome Account
3.png  Tap Discover and Alexa will automatically find all of your smart home devices
4.png  You can now tell Alexa to control devices in your home!

Want to know more about
Amazon Alexa + ClareHome? 

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Why Clare?

• Full-featured smart home automation controlled by Alexa
• Easily voice-control lights, locks, thermostats, and Scenes
• Simple to setup and use with any size ClareHome system
• Even control security, audio, and more using custom Scenes

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