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Announcing ClareHome v5.5.5

clare_news_clarehome_v555.pngClareHome version 5.5.5 is released. Here is what you need to know about the latest changes, including Chamberlain and LiftMaster MyQ integration for your garage door, Resolution Helix security PIN management, as well as URC remote and general bug fixes.


Your MyQ garage door now works with ClareHome!

Your Chamberlain or LiftMaster MyQ now works with your ClareHome system, gives you complete control over your garage door using the most powerful, award-winning app - the ClareHome App.

Get Started Here

  • Open and close your garage with a single tap
  • Create custom scenes that close the garage door
  • Status icons show if the garage is open or closed
  • Notifications alert you if the garage door is used


Chamberlain charges a $1/month or $10/year fee for enabling MyQ in your ClareHome system. MyQ controls cannot be used in schedules, and can only be used in scenes that close the garage door at this time.

Manage your Resolution Helix Security PIN codes: ClareHome version 5.5.5 introduces the new ability for the master user to manage other users PIN codes. You can create, removal, edit, or reset a user's PIN within the ClareHome App. To access User PIN management:


  1. Launch the ClareHome app and tap the Plus icon
  2. Tap Configure to expand the options menu, select Devices
  3. Tap Security, and select your security panel
  4. Tap Configure Security Users
  5. Enter the Master PIN, and tap submit
  6. Select your desired user to edit settings

Note: PIN codes are private and cannot be seen by other users. If a user forgets their PIN, the homeowner/master user can reset the PIN. If the master user forgets the Master PIN, the security panel must be factory defaulted, and requires configuration assistance from the installer.

URC Remote and General Bug Fixes:  We have introduced several bug fixes for URC remotes, and general bug fixes in the ClareHome system. Click Here for a full report on what is included with the v5.5.5 release.

Download the ClareHome App Guide

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