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Top Smart Home Features to Help You Save Money and Simplify Your Life

Clare Controls - Smart Home AutomationSmart home automation can seem like a daunting and confusing subject. In short, home automation is a broad category of setting up just about any task in your home, from complex to simple ones, to be automated. 

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With home automation you can save time and money, and simplify your life in so many different ways. With such a vast number of smart devices available, a common concern is deciding which products to invest in and whether these products will work together in your home with ease of operation. The best way to do this is to decide what you do want your smart home to do, instead of sifting through all of the different products out there.

Understanding the Smart Home

Where does someone even get started in making their home a smart home? The term “smart home” refers to any suite of options designed to make home management easier and more cost effective. Today’s smart home options include:

  • Security - Smart home security gives you the ability to lock a door remotely, see who is in your home, as well as all of the traditional services you’d expect from a security system. Such as notifying authorities, checking for smoke or gas leaks, and keeping a video record of potential issues.
  • Monitoring - Home monitoring is related to home security, but includes much more, Including room to room monitoring, a video doorbell, and remotely accessing video from anywhere. Whether you want to be sure your kids are home from school, the dog is behaving, or that the person at your door is who you are expecting, smart home monitoring is the key.
  • Energy Conservation - Energy management is only a few taps away, or can be setup to run automatically. You can choose the lighting to be dim, based on the time of day or activity in the room, and window blinds and thermostats are able to automatically, or remotely adjust, in order to provide the best use of electricity and sunlight.
  • Task Automation - With the right easy-to-use App, you can manage everything from lighting, to your TV and sound system, and even your water heater. At the touch of a single button, you can tell your entire home that you are saying good-bye, which arms your security system, turns off your lights, and adjusts your home temperature. 

The Smart, Secure and Simple Solution

Clare Controls makes having a smart home simple. The Clare hub and platform is designed to work with all the products you know and trust, seamlessly, in one simple to use App. Whether you are interested in video monitoring, safety and security, or energy management, Clare will work for you. Still not sure what to buy? Clare not only offers a comprehensive suite of smart products, but is also compatible with over 1800 smart devices. The personalized, award-winning ClareHome App puts you in control of your smart home.

ClareCare direct homeowner support is available 6 days a week via phone, email, or chat. If you have questions regarding your new system, the app, or simply want a walk through of Clare’s new features, we can help by guiding you through this process. Contact Clare to help find a dealer today.

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