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4 Benefits of Smart Home Automation for your Entertainment and Relaxation

4 Benefits of Smart Home Automation for your Entertainment and Relaxation.jpgAutomation for your smart home entertainment system will give you the security that you need with the comfort and ease that you desire. From the time you leave your home for work or socializing, to settling in at home after dinner with the family, your smart home automation controls your surroundings exactly the way you like and monitors for unwanted activity.

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Learn about 4 great benefits of making your home a smart home with entertainment, electronics, and relaxation.

1. Your pool gate can let you know if someone is in the pool

  • Place a sensor on your pool gate
  • Receive a text, push notification, or email when the gate is opened
  • Prevent unwanted access to the pool 

Customize your home to send you an alert when your pool gate is opened. Don't guess or have suspicion, know exactly if and when the pool gate opens.

clare controls smart home automation video gallery2. Easily take control of your children's "screen time"

  • Manage your child's screen time even when you're not there
  • Dedicate more time to homework
  • Automatically turn off video game consoles or TVs at a predetermined time

Does your teen skip homework time? Don't worry about your kid's gaming habits. Customize their electronics to turn off at a specific time. No need to have that "just one more level" conversation.clare controls smart home automation video gallery3. Relax in your favorite space

  • Destress with a single touch of a button
  • Be happier and healthier at home
  • Instantly adjust the temperature, lighting, and music to your "relax" mode

Had a stressful day at work? Create a relaxing scene to turn down the lights, adjust your thermostat, and play your favorite relaxing sounds with the push of a button. Get comfy and prepare to wind downclare controls smart home automation video gallery4. A single tap that puts your whole home ‘to bed’

  • Smart lights, door locks, and thermostats can automate your nightly routine
  • Just tap the “goodnight” button
  • Turn off the lights, dim any nightlights, lock the doors, and sets the temperature to your liking

Did I lock the doors before bed and turn down the temperature? You no longer need to worry as your home can do it all for you. Create a custom "goodnight" button and your smart home will turn off the lights, lock the doors, and turn down the temperature to give you the best worry-free sleep! Get to bed on time and relaxed.

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