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Smart Home Doesn't Increase Home Value

The majority of smart home features might not actually affect the overall value of a home, experts say. The question becomes then, why are builders turning to smart home as the next biggest selling point?

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We'll Be At The TecHome Builder Summit

It's the most exciting tech event for home builders looking to explore the opportunity, challenges, and requirements for success with home technology. Come meet our Clare team to learn how we’ve been helping builders around the country add a complete smart home business solution to their current operation. We’re in the business of making smart home simple.

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Top 5 Ways to Succeed with Smart Home

Here are 5 strategies builders are using to differentiate their homes and succeeding with smart home. 

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Home Builders Are Embracing Smart Home

As smart home continues to advance and become more affordable, so does the demand for smart home technology in new homes. In fact; according to BDX Research, "75% of homebuyers believe brand new homes with smart technology could be a tie breaker".

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