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Builder M/I Homes Puts Clare Controls Technology in 3,000 Houses in the U.S,

ClareOne_Phone_Wireless_Performance_Graphic_v1What do you get when a home builder, an electrical company, and a home automation manufacturer all come together with a focus on providing the best customer experience?

This year at the International Builder Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, I visited with Jason Collman, VP of sales for Clare Controls, to learn more about how Clare was working with builders to help make it easier for them to provide their new home customers with the latest technology. Collman shared several success stories with builders throughout the country and suggested that I don’t just take his word for it, but that I visit with one of his builder partners, M/I Homes, which is going to be putting Clare in around 3,000 homes around the country this year. So, I went to Houston, where the relationship started, to learn more about how builders are using Clare Controls products to provide added value to their customers purchasing a new home.

Clare Controls has been around since 2010 and has gone through many changes during that time. Recently, the Clare team has started to refocus the company and streamlined the product line with imbedded wireless secu... Read the Full Article On Residential Technology Today

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