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Your Lifestyle Isn’t “One Size Fits All”

Make it your own with Clare

Don’t settle for automation that treats you like a stranger.

No one gives you more control than Clare over your personal automation experience.

Whether modifying system behavior or just arranging your own dashboard, it’s simple (and fun) to make the Clare system your own.

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With myClareHome, coming soon, you will be able to personalize the performance of your system.  It's the ultimate in DIY-like home automation flexibility.  But better.  Capabilities include:

  • Take “anywhere/anytime” control
  • Create personal One-Touch Scenes
  • View schedules
  • Activate / deactivate scheduled Scenes
  • Do more. Much more.

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ClareHome Premium

ClareHome and ClareHome Premium Comparison

Video tutorials for your favorite devices

The Clare Controls App:
your controls, your way.

Control your whole home with one simple app, on a familiar device you probably already enjoy. It's the "Internet of Things" made simple.

You’re free to personalize your dashboard to do everything you want.

No custom programming. No outside assistance.

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Clare Controls App video tutorials

Compatible with:

iPhone and iPad


ADROID APP ON Google play

Available on the App Store