Clare Winter Update: Now Available


To kick off this new year, we have releasing an important update that improves performance, adds several new features designed to enhance the the end user and dealer experience, added several FusionPro improvements, as well as introducing new drivers and integrations for shade controls, door locks, and lighting, as well as several important bug fixes.

Latest Firmware Versions

Software Version: v2.1.11
Image Version: v2.1.0.6
ClareHome Version: v9.3.7

Auxiliary Touchpanel: v7.3.3

IMPORTANT NOTE: This update will disable chimes from playing when using a Control4 system with ClareOne. Dealers will need to open the zone properties for all zones that are affected by this change and check the 'Chimes' checkbox to enable chimes.

Once a new driver is made available, dealers may need to re-enable the chimes once again.

New Product Announcement:

CLR-C1-HLTClareOne High/Low Temperature Sensor

This update additionally includes support for the upcoming ClareOne High/Low Temperature Sensor (CLR-C1-HLT). The sensor is designed to alert once a high (100° F) and/or low temperature (40° F) threshold is exceeded. The sensor includes support for supervisory, tamper, and low battery alerts.

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User Experience Email Cateogry-1

Pull Down Menu v2Redesigned ClareOne Pulldown Menu:
The pulldown menu in the ClareOne Panel has been updated to provide more information on the Wi-Fi connection signal strength, LTE connection status, as well as simplifying access to settings such as global voice and chime control, volume, and screen brightness.

Custom Voice Functions:
The ClareOne panel now supports custom voice annunciations. You can now name a zone from the panel through an easy-to-use on-screen keyboard and the ClareOne panel will automatically update with the proper audio file for that zone name. Look for other custom voice annunciation features in future releases.

Enhanced End User Settings:
Based on dealer feedback, we have expanded End-User panel configuration settings. Users can now configure voice settings, chime settings, perform sound tests, see sensor signal strength, and update new custom voice files.

security popoiver 2Improved Emergency Page:
We have improved the Emergency page to include additional information for the user explaining precisely what will happen when an emergency button is pressed based on the configured panel settings.

Multilanguage Support:
Multilanguage support is expanded in this release with Canadian French and Spanish support in the ClareOne panel and the Auxiliary Touchpanel. Additionally, custom voice annunciations are also supported in Multilanguage.

Security Email Cateogry-1

Stealthy Silent Panic Alarms:
Silent panic alarms are now truly silent. In the event that a panic alarm is activated, no audible or visual indication will be displayed on the ClareOne Panel.

Improved Siren Alerts:
We have improved Siren Alert logic. The siren will now sound an alarm even after it had previously timed out if another sensor is tripped.

  • If an alarm siren times out, the siren will sound again if another zone is tripped.
  • The ClareOne panel will sound a siren for each alarm tripped while in alarm state.


Backend Email Cateogry - FusionPro

Change Primary Users:
Company administrators can now change the primary user for an account in FusionPro. This will allow setting up new primary and secondary users, emergency contacts, and updating the monitoring services if monitoring is active.

FusionPro_Account_ExportExport Account Details as PDF:
We have added the ability to export a PDF summary of the customers account which will include all relevant information the dealer will need when setting up monitoring with a central station.

'Add Device' Auto-discovery Control:
We have added the ability to turn on and off the auto-discovery feature for supported auto-discovery devices. When adding a new device, you will now be presented with the option to enable auto-discovery for this device type.

  • Sonos
  • Heos
  • Deako
  • Aprilaire
  • Lutron Caseta and RA2 Select Shades
  • Phillips Hue

Camera Setup:
Cameras can now be added using the IP address in addition to auto-discovery.

General Improvements:
We have added a couple of general improvements to make our dealers lives easier when working in FusionPro. This includes:

  • Combining Line Card field and Receiver Number into a single field.
  • Added a selection list for quickly viewing all accounts under a specific sub-dealer.
  • Changed the style and name of the Alarm Reporting Number field to Central Station.


Drivers Email Cateogry-1

Shade Controls GIF 5
View Device Drivers and Integrations Database

New Supported Shade Drivers:
We have added support for seven different shade brands, allowing users to control the open and close status, vane tilt, and even back panels. The shade control tiles have also been redesigned to not only show the new controls, but also display a unique "outdoor view" graphic that will change based on the time of day. Users can include their shades in custom scenes, schedules, and automations. Here is a list of all new supported shades:

New Supported Door Lock Drivers:

Haven Connect (Z-Wave version) is now supported, allowing you to control your home access remotely, as well as include the door lock as part of your scene, schedule, automation, or set up custom notifications.

  • HAVEN - Connect (Z-Wave)

New Supported Lighting Drivers:

By popular demand, Phillips Hue and Lutron Caseta and RA2 lighting is now supported by ClareOne. Adjust your lighting automatically with the use of automations or scenes to set the perfect ambiance. Or create a custom schedule to make sure the lights are out by the time your family goes to sleep.

Performanc Email Cateogry-1

  • Added significant reliability improvements, including automatic recovery from unresponsive panels/lockups.
  • Made improvements to ClareHome App sign-in and connectivity.


Resolved Issues and Engineering Notes

Issue Description/Resolution


Panel Tamper - Displays as Tamper on the panel but Intrusion Alarm on apps.


Fix alarm type being sent to app from the panel.



ClareOne panel not updating camera IP when the ClareHome device changes IP





Alarm Priority Display and Send to ClareHome.


Fixed alarm priority when sending to ClareOne App, related to multiple alarm support.



Ecobee - in some scenarios, Ecobee would go offline and remain offline until Clarehome was restarted


Ecobee should automatically reconnect if it goes offline without requiring ClareHome restart.



Some c4 chime settings stopped working due to a change in zone profile reporting on the panel.


Resolved with C4 driver.



Fixes times where the browser is not signed out when the websocket connection is lost and the inability to sign back in using email until you refresh the page.


Idle sessions will now last for 30 minutes past the last action performed. Sessions will close if the device goes into deep sleep.



Fixed the redirect from OvrC when the user is not signed into FusionPro


Able to add duplicate Music tile.


The user can no longer add the Music tile more than once.

(Android Only)


Can't load camera smart icon in Favorites page.


Smart icons correctly load in favorites page.



Devices - Security should not have remove device button in edit.


You can no longer select remove security in devices page.



Schedules list is sorted different between iOS and Android.


iOS and Android now short schedules the same.

(Android Only)


Android Native Back (Swipe Gesture) During Video Popover Backgrounds App and Returns to Home Screen.


Android native back swipe gesture no longer backgrounds app, but it closes popover.



Video snapshots seem to never update.


Video camera snapshots on favorites page now update after viewing the video. This was implemented for ATP, iOS, and Android apps as well.



UI - Tapping Police Silent Panic should return to the Security Page - for CH that have silent panic to be truly silent.


ATP now handles Silent Panic as truly silent; is backwards compatible


Last Updated: 12/29/2021