1. With so many companies offering “smart home” products, how do we know who to work with and what solution to choose?

Today, all technology companies offering smart home technology require a connected hub to talk to smart devices installed in the home. Some of these companies are limited in what products the hub works with, and in many cases require multiple apps for control. Make sure you choose a technology partner that supports the products you are already installing and that can be controlled from a single app.

Many times, fees will be charged for remote access or for adding additional devices. In a lot of cases, companies also require monitored security as a prerequisite for adding any smart home features! This is a major pit fall in the industry that should be avoided. Homebuyers do not want to move into their new home and find out they have unwanted fees attached to their new “Smart Home”.

2. Is the technology that we are putting in our homes going to be obsolete soon?

Without a crystal ball that allows us to see into the future, there are no guarantees. However, the best smart home manufacturers will “future proof” their products. This means they will continuously add support for the latest features and products to homeowner’s systems via live updates. Homeowners can continue to use their smart home controller even as new amazing products reach the market.

3. How do we make sure that we are putting a product in our homes that is easy to use and understand?

Having a system that can be taught to a wide range of homeowners as well as your staff in as little as 5 minutes is very important. Smart home apps should be self-explanatory, both in adding new devices and in overall usability. Smart home apps should allow homeowners to create their own custom experience without being overly complicated.

Smart home manufacturers should also have a customer care team to help homebuyers if there is an issue. The best technology companies employ their own technical service teams that are ready to take calls and help homeowners solve their issues without ever having to get the installer or builder involved.

- After choosing a smart home partner, what’s next?

It is usually best to work with your smart home provider and your technology installer to come up with a plan to offer a smart home package as a standard amenity in all your homes. The reason for this is to make your homes stand out above the rest, and to sell more homes. Period.

Offering a base home standard smart home package in all your homes will add increased value to your new homebuyers. Most of today’s best smart home companies provide marketing and sales resources to your team and your installers to help train them on the best ways to sell smart home features.

Remember, whatever technology you decide to install in your homes ultimately should increase value, help to sell more homes, and increase your overall homeowner’s satisfaction levels. If for any reason the technology you are installing is not helping you to achieve those goals, there are companies out there that can assist you in finding the exact program to achieve your goals. To learn more about choosing the right solution, download the Smart Home Builder Playbook today.

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