Clare Controls Ends LMS Support Product Bulletin

Although Logitech has been a reliable source of audio streaming for years, we have recently run into a number of issues which have caused us to evaluate more flexible solutions that integrate with the latest streaming services. Integration with Sonos (available now), or Denon Heos (available in Q3), provides access to Spotify, TuneIn, Deezer, Sirius/MX, Slacker, and iHeart Radio. You can also stream Pandora when it is saved as a favorite on your Sonos device.

LMS will not be supported on new projects going forward. As we remove support for LMS, we strongly advise that you begin moving your clients to Sonos or Denon as shown in the application diagrams below. Please contact technical services with any questions. As always, we value your business and are continuing to improve the customer experience while creating even more flexibility for both your clients and design staff.

Sonos device connections

You can connect Sonos devices to inputs on the Clare iMR, MR8, or RE-1 as shown below.

Figure 1: Sonos CONNECT with a CS-iMR and CS-RE-1

Sonos Conversion Image out of inputs

Note: This connection assumes that flexports on the iMR are not available.

Figure 2: Sonos CONNECT with a CS-iMR and CS-MR-8-1

Sonos Conversion Image

Clare Controls Auto-Discovery of Sonos

Quickly and easily add virtually any streaming service to a Clare system. Simply set up Sonos with the included instructions, log into the desired streaming music accounts, and add client playlists to the Sonos Playlists.

When you open the ClareHome App, Music will be available to add to the Clare homepage. Each room name is listed the same as labeled when added within the Sonos App. You can group rooms for party modes and see all your cover art and song information.

For more information on using Sonos with CobraNet, see Using Sonos CONNECT with CobraNet (DOC ID 1308).

Impact on the Clare Streaming Audio Product Line

Both the BR-1 and entire iMR line utilize a "bridge" that interfaces with LMS; we have immediately discontinued these units. We are going to release a new version of the iMR with new part numbers, adding the extension -WOB (without bridge). These units will be listed as Limited Supply and End-of-Life at release to provide multi-room amplifiers for the projects already quoted and sold.

Full PDF - Clare Controls Ends LMS Support Product Bulletin (DOC ID 1325)