Common FAQs - Purchasing

How do I become an authorized Clare dealer? What are the requirements?

Becoming an authorized Clare dealer is easy! Start by filling out the application form here:

  • Once approved, Clare recommends all dealers and their technicians go through product training, which can be accessed HERE.


How do I purchase Clare products?

Snap One is the sole distributor of Clare products. Authorized Clare and Snap One dealers can purchase the products at Snap One.

Please note that dealers must be authorized to purchase Clare the Clare Control Hubs.



Will I continue to be able to purchase Clare product from Clare directly, and/or from other distributors?

The Clare Control Hubs can only be purchased directly through Snap One. You must be an authorized Clare and Snap One dealer to make this purchase.

All other Clare products can be purchased regardless if you are an authorized Clare dealer.


Will Clare products be available through Allnet or Volutone distribution locations?

Clare products are currently available through Volutone, and will continue to be sold there. Clare products will not be available at Allnet initially.


Will current Clare pricing change?

There have been modest adjustments made to the Clare product pricing, but dealers should not notice any significant impact. Leveraging world class programs and services from Snap One, we are confident our dealers’ cost of doing business will be positively impacted by these changes. Those who have specific questions should reach out to their sales rep for more information.