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New Dealer: Register for Training


Register for FusionPro Training

Clare offers FusionPro training on Friday of every week to help dealers and their staff get experienced with FusionPro and setting up a ClareOne system. This webinar is a MUST for any dealer who wishes to succeed with Clare. We recommend you purchase a ClareOne 2-1 Kit which will allow you to follow along with the training if you haven't done so already.


Snap One EducationSnap One Education (Advanced Training)

In addition to the Webinar, you can continue your ClareOne education with advanced FusionPro concepts such as rules, scenes, Control4 integration, adding 3rd-party devices, troubleshooting, best practices, and much more at the Snap One Education school.

Access Education Courses


ClareVision_App_SD_Card_TurretClareVision Webinar

Dealers can also sign up for our ClareVision webinar. In this webinar, we introduce you to our professionally installed video solution, product line, and more.

ClareVision Webinar Registration