ClareVision Maintenance Update: 01/15/2022

What's New:

We have released a maintenance update for ClareVision cameras and NVRs. Here's what's included in this update:

Cameras and NVRs:

  • Improve performance and reliability when accessing and viewing cameras.
  • Minor bug fixes to address issues experienced by some users.

NVR Only:

  • Minor improvements to user interface when accessing the NVR through the web console.


How to update ClareVision camera and NVR Firmware:

Using the ClareVision App:

Tap the Update button in the ClareVision App when prompted. Important Note: The update button will not appear for cameras that are attached to and NVR. It is only available for cameras that are standalone.

Using the camera or NVR web console:

Log into the desired device web console and navigate to the device Maintenance screen to update firmware.

NOTE: Make sure you download and install the latest web plugin when prompted by your Edge or Chrome browser.

  • Updating Standalone Cameras:
    Navigate to: Configuration > System > System Configuration > Maintenance
    You can manually download and install the camera firmware from the Firmware Database or tap the Check button to have the camera to it automatically.

  • Updating NVRs and Connected Cameras:
    Navigate to: Configuration > Maintenance > Manual Upgrade or Online Upgrade
    • Manual Upgrade: Download and install the firmware from the Firmware Database.
    • Online Upgrade: Tap the Check button to have the NVR download and install firmware.

To update cameras connected to an NVR, you will need to access the individual cameras using the Virtual Host and following the camera steps above.

Accessing Virtual Host: Configuration > Channel > Camera > Tap on camera IP address

Last Updated: 01/14/2022