Rapid User Move-in/Move-out Feature and Property Manager Roles

Rapid User Move-in and Move-out Feature:
ClareOne capabilities and features are expanding, allowing Partners, property managers, and small businesses to pursue additional business opportunities with multi-dwelling units, rentals, dorms, and condos. With this update, Partners will be able to designate additional roles in FusionPro that allow them to manage vacancies, system administration, and quickly move-in and move-out users through a new Move-in/Move-out wizard that guides them step-by-step through the entire process.

Once a user has been moved out, the Account status becomes vacant and is displayed as such on your FusionPro Accounts page until a new user has been moved-in.


Additional Company Roles in FusionPro:
To support the new Rapid User Move-in/Move-Out feature, additional staff roles are available in your company profile allowing you to assign Property Manager Coordinator and Property Administrator Roles.

  • Property Manager Coordinator: Standard property management role that allows the staff member to manage properties, view available vacancies using new Account Filter options, move-in and move-out users, and set up a ClareOne system without specifying a Primary Contact.
  • Property Administrator: This high-level role features the same capabilities as the Property Manager Coordinator role, with the added ability to add, remove, and manage staff, and change the Primary Contact for an Account. Property Administrators can also create new Accounts without specifying a Primary User, which is important in situations where a residency might have revolving occupants and a Primary Contact is not applicable.

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Last Edited: 04/17/2023