How to Add Google Assistant


This article will cover the step-by-step setup process for adding Google Assistant to your Clare smart home using iOS and Android mobile devices. Click on the below articles to be taken to the guide for your device. Google Assistant can be used for controlling your smart home devices and scenes using your voice.



About Google Assistant Integration

The Clare Home Action for Google Assistant enables interaction with user voice commands and control over the smart home. The instructions in this document help connect Google Assistant to the ClareHome project using the Google Home app.

To configure the Clare Home Action with Google Assistant you must have a
pre-existing ClareHome system with devices and services, a Google account, the Google Home app, and a Google Home/Assistant device or app.


  • Google Home is the Google speaker/device and is used with Google Home. It is not required for Google Assistant.
  • You need your Google account and Clare project’s sign-in credentials.
  • This integration with Google allows control of the Clare Controls supported devices and scenes which can be controlled by the user in the Clare app.
  • Thermostats are not supported in the first release of the Google Home integration.
  • Images are subject to change based on Google updates.

Installing the Google Home app

Search for and install the Google Home app.

To install the app:

  1. Access the App store.
    Select iTunes for iOS, and Google Play for Android.
  2. Search for Google Home, and then download the app.
  3. Return to your device’s home screen, and then open the Google Home app app icon.

Voice commands

The following commands are examples, more phrases can be used. Use Google and find out which phrases work for you.

Note: Multiple devices can be controlled at the same time if they share a name. For example, name all kitchen lights or devices Kitchen 1, Kitchen 2, and so on. Then give the command “Ok Google, turn on/off kitchen.” All devices named kitchen turn on/off.


  • "Ok Google, turn on office switch "
  • "Ok Google, turn off office switch. "


  • “Ok Google, turn on the den dimmer.”
  • “Ok Google, increase/decrease den dimmer by 20
  • “Ok Google, brighten/dim den dimmer by 20
  • "Ok Google, set den dimmer to 50"
  • "Ok Google, set bedroom to 10"


  • "Ok Google, is office switch on?"


  • "Ok Google, activate goodnight."


  • “Ok Google, arm home (name of security panel) to armed away/stay.”
  • “Ok Google, disarm home.”


    • This can only be done using a Google Home device, not the app.
    • Google will ask for the panel’s PIN when disarming the panel.
  • “Ok Google, is home armed/disarmed?”

Google Assistant

Once the Clare Home project is connected to Google Home, it is enabled to work with Google Assistant. Simply access the Google Assistant app or built in interface on an Android phone with the same account used for Google Home. Activate Google Assistant by saying, "OK, Google," to Google Home/your phone’s Google Assistant app to control Clare functions. 

Supported devices

The Google Assistant ClareHome integration currently supports all lighting devices (except for keypads), scenes, and ClareOne Wireless Security and Smart Home Panel. These items are limited to devices and scenes that have a UI component in the ClareHome app (can be seen on the ClareHome app and added to the base page as an icon) and are listed as Clare Controls supported devices.

See the Clare Controls Supported Devices section in the Help Center.

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