Adding Google Assistant Using Apple iOS


This article will go over the setup process for adding Google Assistant using an Apple iOS device.

Getting Started:

  1. Open the ClareHome app and sign into your account/home.
  2. Open the Settings Menu and select Voice Assistants.
  3. Tap + Add Google Assistant.
    1. If you have the Google Home app: continue to step 5.
    2. If you don’t have the Google Home app: You will be prompted to download and sign into the Google Home app. Once you have download the app and signed in, return to the ClareHome App and tap + Add Google Assistant.
  4. Tap your preferred sign in method to being linking your ClareHome Account with Google Assistant.
  5. Select your home location from the displayed options and tap Allow.
  6. Select the device you would like to add voice controls to and tap Next.
  7. Select your home location and address and tap Next.
  8. Select the location of the device and tap Next.
  9. Repeat steps 7-9 for all devices you would like to control with Google Assistant. Tap the X Close icon when finished adding devices.
  10. Google Assistant has been linked with ClareHome. You can verify by issuing a voice command or going back to the ClareHome app and tapping on + Add Google Assistant to see all your linked devices.

Last Edited: 03/23/2022