Honeywell 63202ZW2003 Thermostat Release Notes


For information on Z-Wave and ClareHome, see Installing Z-Wave with ClareHome Tech Bulletin (DOC ID 1162).


  • When installing Z-Wave devices, ensure that there is nothing inhibiting their signal. Z-Wave relies on radio signals. Metal or thick walls may limit their signal strength.
  • We recommend having 2 or more repeating Z-Wave devices.
  • You must enable auto-changeover for the thermostat to work in the ClareHome app.


The Honeywell 63202ZW2003 is a Z-Wave thermostat that has been tested and certified for integration with the ClareHome system.

By integrating the Honeywell thermostat to a ClareHome control system, your customers can send commands to the thermostat to change the modes, cool and heat settings, and the fan status from their mobile iOS devices or Android smartphone.

When integrating the Honeywell thermostat into your ClareHome project, no extra connection is necessary. Install the thermostat according to the Honeywell documentation, and then connect it to the home network using Z-Wave.

The Honeywell thermostat integrates with the ClareHome system in a way similar to the existing HVAC integrations. All HVAC integrations share a common UI, so that the user experience is consistent.

Temperature settings can be controlled via events. Use Fusion’s Scenes and Rules to automate the actions your customers want.

The following figure shows the Honeywell controls on the ClareHome UI.

Figure 1: User interface of the Honeywell thermostat

Image 001

Installing the Honeywell thermostat

A qualified installation technician should install the Honeywell thermostat. Refer to the documentation that came with the thermostat for detailed installation instructions.

Note: Once the thermostat is included on the Z-Wave network, the scheduling mode is set to off. All schedules must be created and managed in ClareHome.

To enable Auto Changeover:

Note: Auto-changeover must be enabled for the thermostat to work with the ClareHome app.

1. On the thermostat, press and hold the Menu button for 5 seconds.

The Advanced Menu displays.

2. Use the left/right arrows to scroll until you reach Device Setup.

3. Tap Edit.

4. Scroll until you reach Auto Changeover Option 300, and then tap Edit.

5. Tap the arrow > to set Auto Changeover to on.

6. Tap Done, and then exit the menu.

To pair the thermostat with Fusion:

Note: The CLIQ controller and Z-Wave device only remain in pairing mode for a limited amount of time. Make sure that you have access to the thermostat and Fusion project before pairing the thermostat.

1. Tap Menu, and then use the left/right arrows to reach Z-Wave Setup.

2. Tap Select, then select Include.

Note: Selecting Include on the thermostat starts its pairing process. The process must be finished using the Z-Wave Wizard in Fusion.

3. Access your project in Fusion, and then click the Z-Wave Wizard icon.

Image 002

4. Click on Z-Wave Devices.

Image 003

5. Select the device’s location, and then enter a name for the device.


  • We recommend naming the device after its location to avoid confusion. For example, Den Thermostat.
Image 004
  • If you want to add an area, click the green plus icon, enter a name for the area, and then click Add Area.
Image 005

6. Click Add It!.

The Z-Wave adding mode dialog displays.

Image 006

7. The thermostat is already in pairing mode, so once the controller enters pairing mode the thermostat is added.

Image 007

8. Click the Summary tab to view all Z-Wave Wizard added devices and their status.

Image 008

9. Click the Close Window icon in the top-right of the wizard to exit and return to the Devices tab.

Note: The Z-Wave devices added with the Z-Wave Wizard are automatically imported on the Devices tab.

Full PDF - Honeywell 63202W2003 Thermostat Integration Release Notes (DOC ID 1867)