ClareVue Lighting FAQs

How does a virtual keypad work?

A virtual keypad has the same functions as a physical keypad. The customer can access the virtual keypad the ClareHome app. It will appear like a normal keypad.

Features specific to virtual keypads:

  • 16 configurable buttons
  • The first button on an all on keypad is reserved for all off (this is the last button on a physical keypad)
  • No physical keypad

Will the ClareVue devices work with my light bulbs?

ClareVue currently supports a large number of light bulbs. These bulbs have been tested for use with the ClareVue devices. Please see the list of supported light bulbs.

Can I add more than one ClareVue device at a time?

ClareVue devices rely on Z-Wave. Z-Wave allows for only one device to be added/paired at a time. You can pair each of your devices prior to starting the configuration step.

Do all ClareVue devices repeat the Z-Wave signal?

All ClareVue devices repeat the RF signal. To control devices that are not directly in range of the controlling device (Device 1), the signal can be carried by a maximum of 3 intermediate devices, with the 5th device being the destination, as shown below.

Device 1 → Device 2 → Device 3 → Device 4 → Device 5

What is a scene?

A scene is a combination of lighting or appliance devices selected by the user that can be controlled as a group. Once you’ve created your network, you can program scenes that use your ClareVue devices. For example, you can create a “Movie” scene that dims the overhead light and turns on accent lights.

What is an event?

An event is a scheduled one-time or recurring program that launches a scene at a desired time. For example, if you plan a romantic dinner, you can schedule an event to automatically start a scene that dims the lights for dinner.

How many scenes and events can be created using ClareVue Lighting devices?

This is no limit to the number of scenes and events that can be created.

What is the maximum number of devices that can be associated to a ClareVue Z-Wave switch/dimmer?

For each source device, five associations can be programmed. One association is automatically created between the ClareHome Controller and each device in the network; therefore, only four other associations can be programmed for each source device.

How do I set up 3-ways and 4-ways?

A 3-way, 4-way, and other multi-location control is set up using the ClareVue Lighting Wizard. Go to the Configuration tab and select the Accessory Devices sub-tab. For each Accessory device, you can select the Master device (dimmer or switch) to which you want to add multi-location control.

We recommend using a keypad in place of a second accessory device.

What is the longest ramp time (meaning slowest ramp rate) that can be configured for a ClareVue RF dimmer?

4 minutes and 14 seconds; 4:14.

Which dimmable LED and CFL bulbs are best for use with ClareVue dimmers?

ClareVue Master Neutral Dimmers (CL-MND-XX) support the following load types (and maximum wattage ratings):

  • Dimmable LED/CFL (300 W)
  • Incandescent & Halogen (600 W)
  • Magnetic Low-Voltage & Electronic Low-Voltage (600 W)

How do I configure a neutral dimmers minimum and maximum dimming levels?

You can use the Minimum and Maximum Dimming Levels to create a dimming perimeter for neutral dimmers. The user can still set a dimmer's level between 0 and 100 within this perimeter. To prevent flickering of LEDs at low dimming levels, the Minimum Dimming Level must be set to 4 or greater. To prevent lights from being too bright at 100 percent, set the Maximum Dimming Level to 99 or less.

For example, setting the Minimum Dimming Level to 4 and the Maximum Dimming Level to 80 creates a lighting perimeter of level 4 to 80. The minimum and maximum levels are established. Once the dimmer reaches level 80, it is at 100 percent of the set dimming level. It cannot obtain a higher dimming level. The same is true for the minimum dimming level. Once the dimmer reaches level 4, it cannot go lower; it is at 0 percent of the set dimming level. Note that the light will be off at 0 percent. Figure 1 and 2 show examples of the lighting perimeter and dimmer percentages.


ClareVue Lighting FAQ


Last Updated: 02/13/2020