ClareVision June Update Now Available

We have released an important new update for all ClareVision cameras and NVRs, as well as the ClareVision App. The update enables Smart Event notifications in the ClareVision App for Performance Series cameras, includes a new Virtual Host for NVRs, and features several quality of life improvements such as a video playback scrubber, pinch and zoom capabilities, video screen management, camera notification silence controls, and more. Here's a breakdown:

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What firmware do I need to enable these new features?

If a device is connected to the mobile application, it needs to be updated. For example, a camera or NVR directly connected to the mobile app will need to be updated, whereas a camera connected through an NVR to the mobile app does not.


How do I update the firmware for a directly connected camera or NVR?

Navigate to the live view in the mobile app. Once the live view displays, an update notice will appear at the top of the screen. Tap the Update notice and the NVR or camera will download the new firmware and reboot. Alternatively, you can update the firmware via the web console for the NVR or camera as detailed here. The firmware database can be access HERE.


How do I update firmware for cameras that are connected to the POE ports on an NVR?

While a firmware update is not required for cameras connected to an NVR to enable the new app features, you can update the firmware on the cameras by accessing the Virtual Host in the NVR web console. From there you can navigate to the camera login page using the Connected Camera IP Address hyperlink in the last column found under: "Configure > Channel > Camera > Camera > Connected Camera IP Address". This hyperlink is part of the new NVR firmware release. A detailed description of this feature is located HERE.



NVR Virtual Host: You can now quickly navigate to the web console of a camera that is connected to the POE port on an NVR using the NVR Virtual Host feature. Cameras can be accessed from the Virtual Host using the NVR web console under:

"Configure > Channel > Camera > Camera > Connected Camera IP Address".

Please Note: To update the  firmware of cameras connected to an NVR, you must download the required firmware from the Firmware Database first. Camera firmware must be updated individually for each camera. For complete steps on how to update camera firmware using the Virtual Host, please refer to the article here:

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Video Playback Scrubber: Video playback in the ClareVision App has been improved to allow easier navigation if recorded video. We have introduced a new video scrubber, as well as date and time filters to help finding that specific event a lot easier.
Smart Events: Smart Event notifications will now be displayed in the ClareVision App. ClareVision Performance Series cameras provide powerful edge based analytics for capturing important moments, not just motion based detection. Smart Events use human body detection and can be combined with several detection modes:
  • Intrusion: Outline an intrusion area over a specific area or zone.
  • Line Crossing: Specify single or multiple-direction line cross areas of interest.
  • Loitering: Alerts if a person stays in an area past a specified time period.
  • People Gathering: Alerts if a group of people gather in an area longer than the specified time.


Please Note: Smart Events should be set up by the installer through a standalone camera console or NVR web console.
Pinch and Zoom: Take advantage of high resolution camera images with pinch and zoom capabilities now available in the app. With this feature, users can now pinch a video and zoom in on specific areas to view closer detail.
Rearrange Video Streams: The home page video feed order can be rearranged by tapping on the "Edit" button found in the top right-hand corner. Tap "Save" to apply the new layout order.
Rearrange NVR Channel Streams: The channel order for NVRs can be rearranged by tapping the new "Edit" button under and NVR found in the top right-hand corner. Tap "Save" to apply the new layout order.
Silence App Notifications: Standalone camera push notifications can now be silenced. The new silence button can be accessed by selecting a desired camera stream and opening the settings menu to view a new "Silence Notifications" slider.
Push notifications for NVRs can also be silenced which will silence all the cameras attached to the NVR.
New Setup Menu: The setup menu has been updated when selecting to add a camera or NVR.
Improved Iconography: Icon brightness under live video streams have been improved to make them easier to see under different devices.

Last Updated: 09/22/2021