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ClareOne Water Detector Installation Sheet


The CLR-C1-WTR Water Detector is not a self-contained warning device. For proper operation, it must be used in conjunction with a Clare Controls alarm system. It is designed so that the transmitter mounts on a wall or other flat vertical surface, and the remote probe is placed in the location where water leakage is most probable.

Moisture forming a bridge between the two metallic contacts on a remote probe is all that is needed for the unit to signal an alarm condition. The output on the CLR-C1-WTR will remain in alarm state until the moisture bridge is broken. As sensitive as the Water Detector is, it will not alarm due to high humidity or condensation. The Water Detector is ideal for use in homes, offices, computer rooms, warehouses, etc.

See the full PDF. 

Full PDF - ClareOne Water Detector Installation Sheet (DOC ID 1948)