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ClareOne Keyfob Installation Sheet


keyfob front

Part number: CLR-C1-KF


The ClareOne Keyfob is a battery operated wireless handheld alarm sensor. When a button is pressed, the associated command is sent to the ClareOne panel.


  • The keyfob requires that each button is programed with the desired command (Away, Stay, Disarm, and SOS).
  • The keyfob has a range of up to 100 ft. Metal, floors, and appliances may affect the range.

Important safety instructions

Before you program this sensor, be sure to:

  • Read, keep, and follow all instructions.
  • When there is a low battery, replace with a compatible lithium ion battery.


Use the ClareOne panel to add and setup the keyfob.

To add the keyfob to the panel:

  1. Add the sensor to the panel. See “Sensor Management.” ClareOne User Guide (DOC ID 1871).
  2. Once added, test the sensor.
    Look at the ClareOne panel, and then press Away/Stay.
    Notice that the panel begins to arm.

Note: Testing all sensors to the alarm monitoring station is strongly advised.

Button function

The keyfob has 4 buttons. Once the keypad is added to the panel, the buttons control the arming and disarm features of the panel.

Away: When tapping this button, the panel arms in Away mode.

Stay: When tapping this button, the panel arms in Stay mode.

Disarm: When tapping this button, the panel is disarmed.

SOS: When tapping this button twice within 3 seconds, the keyfob sends a panic notification to the alarm monitoring station.

Battery replacement

The ClareONE Keyfob requires a CR2032 battery. Once the battery is low, the panel displays a low battery icon next to the sensor in the devices list. The battery must be replaced within 7 days of the first low battery notification. If the battery is not replaced within 7 days, the sensor may not function properly.

WARNING: If an incompatible replacement battery is used, or the battery is installed incorrectly explosion or damages may occur.

AVERTISSEMENT: Si une batterie de remplacement incompatible est utilisée ou si la batterie est installée de manière incorrecte, une explosion ou des dommages peuvent survenir.  

To replace the battery:

Note: Verify that the panel is not armed before changing the battery.

  1. Flip the keyfob onto its face (buttons down), and locate the screw holding the casing together.

    keyfob rear
  2. Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the screw, setting it aside for resealing the sensor.
  3. Slide a fingernail/fingertip into the keyfob’s bottom slot (area with the keychain protruding), and then push the keyfob’s back casing upward and away from the front of the keyfob.

    Keyfob - split - arrow
    Note: The keychain will come lose in this process, be careful not to lose the keychain.
  4. Hold the circuit board to the front casing.
    Note: Do not move the circuit board, if the board is moved it may result in improper button reporting.
  5. Use a fingernail/fingertip to push the battery out of the casing, noting the polarity of the battery.

    Keyfob - Remove battery
  6. Slide a new CR2032 battery into the battery casing, making sure that the polarity is correct.
  7. Place the keychain back onto the screw post, and then press the keyfob’s backplate into place.
  8. Place the screw into the screw hole, and then fasten the screw into the keyfob.
  9. Test the keyfob.


      Compatible panel


      Transmitter frequency




      Transmitted indications

      Low battery


      4 Buttons

      ·          Away

      ·          Stay

      ·          Disarm

      ·          SOS

      LED indication

      1 LED (blue)

      Battery type


      Battery life

      4 to 5 years

      Operating environment                Temperature               
      Relative humidity

      32 to 122.6°F (0 to 50°C)
      85% max

      Sensor dimensions
      (W × H × D)

      1.49 × 2.53 × .55 in.
      (38 × 64.5 × 14 mm)

      Water resistant



      FCC: 15.109 Class B 15.231, Industry Canada: ICES-003, RSS-210, ETL listed to: UL-1023 and ULC-C1023


      Full PDF - ClareOne Keyfob Installation Sheet (DOC ID 1899)