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ClareOne Glass Break Installation Sheet



The ClareOne Glass Break Detector CLR-C1-GB is a wireless glass break sensor featuring alarm, tamper, and low battery signal outputs.

Important safety instructions

Before you install this sensor, be sure to:

  • Read, keep, and follow all instructions.
  • When there is a low battery, replace with compatible CR123A lithium ion batteries.

Figure 1: Glass break sensor exterior

Image 003

Figure 2: Glass break sensor interior

Image 002


Before installing the sensor, we recommend testing, pairing, and setting the sensor’s sensitivity.

Testing the sensor

Test the sensor before placing it in the permanent location.

To test the module/zones:

  1. Remove the insulation tabs from the battery holder.
    Once the tabs are removed and the sensor powers on, Test Mode is active for 5 minutes.
    The LED blinks every second while the sensor is in Test Mode.
  2. After 5 minutes, the sensor exits Test Mode and returns to Normal Mode.


    The following instructions step through pairing the sensor to the ClareOne panel.

    To add the sensor to the panel:

    1. Ensure sensor is not faulted.
    2. Put the ClareOne panel into sensor pairing mode. For detailed programming instructions, refer to the ClareOne Wireless Security and Smart Home Panel User Manual (DOC ID 1871).
    3. Tamper the sensor.
    4. Follow the ClareOne panel’s on-screen prompts to name the sensor and make any desired changes to its default settings.

    Glass break sensitivity

    The sensors sensitivity range can be adjusted by selecting the DIP switch positions.

    Set the sensitivity based on the desired range in order to prevent unintentional activations from other sources.

    Figure 3: DIP switch

    Table 1: Detection range



    SW 1-1

    SW 1-2


    4.92 ft (1.5m)




    8.20 ft (2.5m)




    13.12 ft (4m)




    19.68 ft (6m)



    To adjust the range DIP switches:

    1. Gently press down on the lock, and then swing the top cover out and away from the bottom cover.
    2. Slide the SW 1-1 switch to the desired position.
    3. Slide the SW 1-2 switch to the desired position.
    4. Swing the top cover back into position, making sure it engages the lock.


    Once the sensor is tested, paired, and its range is set, mount the sensor.

    Figure 4: Sensor mounting

    Image 004


    • It is recommended that the unit be mounted at a height of at least 6.5 ft (1.98m), see fig. 4.
    • When the unit is installed in vicinity with active ultrasonic sensors, the distance between units must be at least 4 ft (1.2m).
    • All areas of glass to be monitored shall be within a clear line of sight of the unit. Distance from the unit to the most remote point of monitored glass shall not exceed 20 ft (6.05m).

    To install the sensor:

    1. Open the sensor by pressing on the lock and swinging the top cover away from the bottom cover.
    2. Place the sensor in the desired location and mount the sensor using the supplied screws or 3M tape.
    3. Mount the magnet into the desired location using the supplied screw and lock washer, making sure the alignment mark lines up with the sensor mark.

    Sensor LED

    The following section details the sensor’s LED state.

    Table 2: LED conditions


    LED state

    Power up

    Flash 3 times, once per second

    Test Mode/event detected

    Flash once per second (slow)

    Test Mode/alarm

    Flash 2 seconds (quick)


    On for 5 seconds

    Low battery

    Flash once every 30 seconds


    Compatible panel

    ClareOne (CLR-C1-PNL1)

    Transmitter frequency

    433 MHz



    Transmitted indications

    Alarm, tamper, low battery


    60-70 minutes

    Max detection range

    20 ft (6.09m)

    Min detection range

    5 ft (1.5m)

    Glass thickness

    Plate glass at 3mm thickness


    Omni-directional with 360° coverage pattern

    Battery type

    (2x) 3 VDC Lithium Battery, CR123A

    Battery life

    Up to 8 years

    Operating environment               
    Relative humidity

    14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C)

    Storage temperature

    -30 to 140° F (-34 to 60° C)


    3.9 × 2.75 × 1.5 in.
    (99.06 × 69.85 × 38.1 mm)


    FCC: 2ABBZ-RF-GBA-433
    IC: 11817A-RFGBA433




    Full PDF - ClareOne Glass Break Installation Sheet (DOC ID 1989)