Clare Controls EBR-500 Product Bulletin


This product bulletin provides a reinforcement of information on the most efficient placement of EBR-500s to minimize interference when installing your RF receiver.

Placement of the EBR-500

For optimal performance, it is important to follow best practices to minimize wireless interference when installing this device. We have identi"ed in previous documentation the numerous EMI (electromagnetic interference) devices you should separate the RF receiver from. However, as we have recently received several calls from technicians in the field, we would like to reiterate that two best practices include the following:

  • Do Not place an EBR-500 RF receiver behind a television or other device that could emit high levels of interference, and
  • if you are installing with a rack, be sure to always mount the receiver on top of the rack, not inside the rack.

Full PDF - Clare Controls EBR-500 Product Bulletin (DOC ID 189)

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