Ultrasync Release Notes

This document introduces the Clare Controls integration with the Ultrasync security panel.

The instructions in this document are provided to help you quickly integrate Ultrasync into the ClareHome system. It lists the settings required by ClareHome in order for the systems to sync and communicate properly. It is not intended to be a complete installation guide. Please follow the manufacturer’s installation documentation, included with the product during installation. Once installed, you will not need to make any adjustments to the Ultrasync system.


  • The firmware on the Ultrasync panel must be version A58P001002-14 or higher. If it is not, contact the panel provisioner for an update.
  • Before adding the Ultrasync panel to Fusion, you must log in to the Ultrasync’s IP address. When accessing the IP address note the serial number, and set a Home Automation User account with a password.

See the full PDF.

Full PDF - Ultrasync Integration Notes (DOC ID 1249)