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Troubleshooting Genie Aladdin Connect Garage Door Openers


This article is intended to assist you with issues you may be experiencing with the Genie Aladdin Connect garage door opener (“opener”) connected to your ClareHome or ClareOne system.


  • The 3rd party device installed in your home was purchased through your installation partner or builder and as such is not covered under any warranties offered from Clare by Snap One.
  • Clare products are sold and installed by independent dealers. Those dealers are responsible for installation and support, and operate independently of Snap One and Clare. Your dealer should be the first point of contact for all sales and support inquiries. You should only contact Clare support where your dealer is not able to provide support. While Clare support may be able to assist with specific issues, most issues will be referred back to your installation professional or dealer. Any fees or service charges for onsite assistance are at the discretion of your installation professional or dealer. 

About Aladdin Connect Garage Door Openers

Connecting your opener to the ClareHome controller or ClareOne panel (“controller”) requires you to create a Genie Aladdin Connect online account (“account”). The account was either created by you or your installation partner when the opener was originally installed and connected to your controller. You will need the account credentials and the Aladdin Connect app loaded on your mobile device to assist in troubleshooting.

Commands to open and close your opener and to display opener status are done by communicating with your device(s) through the opener online account. Accordingly, the opener in your home must be connected to your WiFi and have access to the internet to work with your controller.

Potential Genie Aladdin Connect opener issues


You must have access to your Aladdin Connect app and be able to log into your account to troubleshoot and resolve most opener integration issues. Clare does not maintain any information regarding your account, if you do not have this information you need to contact your installation partner or for assistance or contact Genie Aladdin support

Genie Aladdin Connect Support

Please choose the scenario below that best describes your situation and follow the associated steps.

Opener is offline in the ClareHome application and/or ClareOne panel

Account credentials have changed

If your account credentials have changed you need to reassociate the device connected to your controller.

  1. Open the ClareHome application.
  2. Tap on the “Devices” icon on the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap the 3 dots next to your Garage Device.
  4. Tap on device settings.
  5. Follow the prompts to reauthorize the opener.

Local network settings have changed

Use the instructions found on the Aladdin site for reconnecting you Aladdin Connect device to your local network.

Aladdin WiFi reconnection instructions

Next steps

 If after following the instructions for reassociating your account and/or updating your network settings do not resolve your issue, the opener may be defective, we recommend contact support at Genie Aladdin Connect Support for further guidance.

Opener is not providing correct status in the ClareHome application

Door position sensor testing

The opener has an associated device called the door position sensor and is affixed to the physical garage door. This device communicates the open/close status of the door. A low or dead battery is most often the cause of this issue. See the following article for steps on how to test and replace the battery.

Door position sensor troubleshooting

Next steps

 If after following the instructions for testing and changing the battery on you door position sensor do not resolve your issue, the opener may be defective, we recommend contact at Genie Aladdin Connect Support for further guidance.


Last Updated: 01/31/2022