Tekmar tN4 Integration Release Notes

This document introduces the Clare Controls integration with the tekmarNet 2 and tekmarNet 4 thermostats.

They are designed to operate mechanical equipment that control single- and multi-stage heating and cooling, or heat pump systems. These thermostats can be integrated into a ClareHome system using the tekmar tN4 Gateway 482 serial interface. This interface converts the communication signal into an RS-232 signal that is readable by ClareHome’s host controllers.

By connecting the tekmarNet thermostats to a ClareHome system, your customers can change modes, cool and heat settings, and fan status from their mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. To adjust temperature settings, customers can simply slide the heat and cool set points around the dial on their ClareHome display. The following figure shows the tekmar tN4 controls on the ClareHome UI.

See the full PDF.

Full PDF - Tekmar tN4 Integration Release Notes (DOC ID 806)