Samsung TV with Chromecast IP Driver Release Notes


The release of the Samsung with Chromecast IP driver lets you integrate Samsung televisions using Chromecast with the Clare Controls Network. Customers can now control their Samsung TV through Chromecast and IP using the Clare Controls Application. No software or download is necessary. Simply connect the Samsung TV unit to Chromecast and the home network, and then add the TV in Fusion.


  • The Samsung TV must be connected to Chromecast for this driver to operate.
  • You must set a static IP address for the Samsung TV.
  • Most Samsung TVs do not support the power over IP. They must be used with devices that support HDMI CEC.

The Samsung TV IP Driver supported models:

Currently works on most 2011 to 2014 Samsung smart TV models.

Note: This driver does not support Samsung 2015 or newer models.


Only qualified technicians should install or connect any devices used with Clare Controls products. Refer to the installation instructions that came with your Samsung TV and Chromecast devices. Clare Controls does not assume any responsibility for damages caused by improper installation or connection to the data network.

Note: A static IP address must be set for the Samsung TV.

Before adding the Samsung TV to your Fusion project, you will need to connect it to Chromecast and obtain the Chromecast hostname.

To get the Chromecast hostname:

1. Connect the Chromecast to the Samsung TV HDMI 3 Input. Use the instructions provided with your Chromecast device.

2. Look at Chromecast screensaver on the Samsung TV. The bottom-left corner displays the Chromecast hostname. For example – Chromecast1654.local.

3. Write down the hostname, this is required for Fusion programming.

4. Add the Samsung TV in Fusion.

Note: The TV will power on to HDMI 3 and can then be changed to the desired Input. See “To configure the scene: 6.

Fusion configuration

Configure the device in Fusion to enable the Samsung TV to function with the Clare Controls UI.

To add the SamsungTV IP Driver:

1. Open your Fusion project.

2. Click the Devices tab, and then click the New Device button.

The Select Template dialog displays.

Image 001

3. Browse to Samsung- TV (IP).

Entertainment IP Devices > TV > Samsung TV (IP)

4. Click OK.

The device Details tab displays. If desired, enter a name and notes for the device.


5. Click the Configure tab, and then configure the field as follows.

Chromecast hostname: This is the Chromecast hostname identifier found on the Chromecast screensaver, or in the device documentation.
For example – Chromcast1616.local.

Network Address: This is the Samsung’s set static IP address.

Network Port: This field not be changed. The default port is set to 55000.

Image 003

6. Click the Save button.

To create a service for the Samsung TV IP Driver:

1. Click the Services tab, and then click the New Service Instance button.

The New Service Instance dialog displays.

Image 004

2. Enter the name of the service in the Name field, select the area, and then click Entertainment Service.

3. Click Next to display the Devices tab.

Image 005

4. In the left panel, select the devices you want to use in the service.

5. In the right panel, set the values for each control point.

Click the Value field to view the drop-down menu and select a device.

6. Click Next to display the Scenes tab.

Image 006

To configure the scene:

1. In the Start Sequence field, select Create new Scene, and then click the New Device Operation button.

Image 007

2. Configure the Device, Function, and Operation drop-down menus with the following values.

  • Device: Samsung TV (IP)
  • Function: Switch (or other desired action)
  • Operation: Turn On

Note: This command is sent directly to Chromecast, turning the TV on (via HDMI CEC) and switching to the Chromecast input. You can create a scene to switch inputs.

Image 008

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each device being used in the scene.

4. Go to the Stop Sequence field, select Create new Scene, and then click the New Device Operation button.

Image 009

5. Configure the Device, Function, and Operation drop-down menus with the following values.

  • Device: Samsung TV (IP)
  • Function: Switch
  • Operation: Turn Off

Image 010

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each device and desired device operation.

7. Click Finish.

8. Deploy the project.

User interface example

Once you have configured and deployed your project, access the entertainment service created for the projector.

To access the service in the ClareHome app:

  1. Launch the ClareHome app, and then select your user space.
  2. Tap My Devices to view the inventory page.
  3. Tap Entertainment.

  4. Tap the area that you want to access – for example, Game Room.
    – or –
    Tap  the Plus icon to add the area to your space. Return to your space and tap the Entertainment icon to access the service.
    Note: We only recommend adding the service to your space if the service is regularly used.

  5. The area displays.
  6. Tap Sources in the top-right corner, and then tap Game Room Samsung.

  7. The service entertainment remote displays.



    Note: The buttons on the virtual Clare Controls remote correspond with the configured Samsung TV and DirecTV control points.



    Full PDF - Samsung TV with Chromecast IP Driver Integration Release Notes (DOC IS 1248)