Q-Motion Release Notes


The Q-Motion shade integration allows users to control their motorized shades through the ClareHome system.

Shades can be controlled via keypads. Use Fusion’s Scenes and Rules to automate the Q-Motion shades. The following figure shows the Q-Motion shades on the ClareHome UI.

Image 001

Installing the controller

A qualified Q-Motion technician should install the Q-Motion shades. Clare Controls does not assume any responsibility for damages caused by improper installation or connection to the network.

Note: When installing the equipment, your technician must assign each shade motor a numeric group address. Please have the technician note the groups he or she assigns. You will need the group numbers when integrating the shade controller in Fusion.

Connecting the controller to the data network

After installing the Q-Motion Q-Connect controller, connect it to the ClareHome data network. To make the connection, you will need a serial cable or an IP-to-Serial adapter, such as a Global Caché iTach device. Use one of the two connection methods below.

Note: Ensure that the Q-Motion Q-Connect is in RS-232 mode before connecting to the data network. The status light on the Q-Connect will turn and remain solid red when the device is in RS-232 mode.

To connect the controller to the ClareHome network using a serial cable:

1. Attach the RJ-12 end of a serial cable to the port on the data network.

2. Create an RJ-12 to RJ-45 cable following the specifications of the CLIQ on the RJ-12 end and Q-Motion on the RJ-45 end. See Table 1 for pinouts.

Image 002


To connect the controller to the ClareHome data network using an adapter:

1. Attach one end of a Cat5 networking cable to a port on the ClareHome data network, and then attach the other end of the cable to the RJ-45 jack on the
IP-to-Serial adapter.

2. Using a DB9 to RJ45 cable, connect the IP-to-Serial device (Global Caché iTach) to the Q-Motion controller.

Setting the serial parameters in the serial device adapter

To ensure proper communication between the Q-Motion controller and the ClareHome system, you must configure your IP-to-Serial adapter with the following settings. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions included with the device to adjust the settings.
Note: You must set a static IP address for the adapter.

Image 003

Configuring in Fusion

Once you have installed your Q-Motion Q-Connect controller, you must add and configure it in Fusion.

To add a Q-Motion shade controller in Fusion:

1. Click the Devices tab, and then click the New Device button to display the Select template dialog.

Image 004

2. Expand the Shades drop-down, and then browse to Q-Motion - Shade Controller (Serial).

Shades > Shade Controller > Q-Motion Shade Controller (Serial)

3. Select CLIQ in the Communication Method drop-down.

– or –

Select Other in the Communication Method drop-down when using an IP-to-Serial device (Global Caché iTach).

Image 005

4. Click OK.

The Details tab displays.

Image 006

5. Enter a name and notes for the device, and then click the Configure tab.

6. When connecting the shade controller directly to the CLIQ using a serial cable, enter the CLIQ Serial Port.

Verify that the Serial Baudrate, Serial Data Bits, Serial Parity, and Serial Stop Bits match the settings in Table 1.

Image 007

– or –

When using an IP-to-Serial device, enter the adapters Network Address and Network Port.

Image 008

7. Click the Save button.

To organize the shade groups:

1. Return to the Devices tab, and then expand the shade controller.

Note: The shade controller supports and adds 15 groups.

Image 009 1

2. Delete any unused groups

3. Assign the shade groups to areas.

4. Name each shade group according to the room it is in.

Note: We recommend naming the shade groups according to their location for convenience.

Creating a service for the shade groups

Once you have configured the shade controller in Fusion, create a shade keypad service for each shade group.

Note: You will need the correct shade group numbers to create services in Fusion.

To create a service for the shade groups:

1. Click the Services tab, and then click the New Service icon.

The New Service Instance dialog displays.

Image 011

2. Enter the name of the service in the Name field, select the area, and then click Shades Keypad Service.

3. Click Next to display the Devices tab.

Image 012

4. In the left panel, select the desired shade group and actions.

5. In the right panel, set the values for the screen control.

Click the Value field to view the drop-down menu, and then select the device.

Note: Group 1 has 5 desired shade actions. Set each action to a different button.

6. Click Finish.

7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 for each shade group.

8. Deploy the project.

Full PDF - Q-Motion Integration Release Notes (DOC ID 1184)