NX-8-8E Control Panel Release Notes

This document introduces the Clare Controls integration with the Interlogix NX-8 and NX-8E control panels.

To integrate the NX-8 requires the NX-584E Home Automation Module. This add-on module (card) fits into the NX-8 enclosure and is the interface device that connects the NX-8 to ClareHome’s data network. It is programmable and can be configured to allow communication with the ClareHome system. The
NX-8E does not require the NX-584E, it includes its own home automation integration capability. However, you must configure the NX-8E with the settings required by the ClareHome system.

The instructions in this document are provided to help you quickly integrate the NX-8 and NX-8E (and the NX-584E) into the ClareHome system. It lists the settings required by ClareHome for the systems to sync and communicate properly. It is not intended to be a complete installation guide.

See the full PDF.

Full PDF - NX-8-8E Control Panel Integration Release Notes (DOC ID 309)